Selay Shipping Group The aim was to establish a reliable carry the Petroleum product . Through the years the shipping company has become an international operator under the name of Selay Shipping. Today the  shipping company has a very contemporary fleet at its disposal, which carries a number of liquid products. The shipping company's first vessel was bought in 1985. The fleet has since been  expanded and renewed continuously

Aims and Values Selay Shipping & Trading Ltd. aim to be a bonified and professional partner. This is why the company has big demands for the vessels which they operate and vast resources is spent in order to develop and attract a highly qualified and experienced staff at sea as well as at shore. In order to substantiate a well functioning quality control system and to ensure a continuously high standard, Bureau Veritas Quality Assurance certified the company's own vessels and offices according to ISM in 1998. Furthermore, the company's own vessels have been ISM certified since                       1998.